Enrollment Information
We welcome you to contact each individual EarlyYears Site for any specific age openings or you can provide us your contact information by completing the online waitlist registration. This will allow any Site Director to view your request and we will attempt to meet your needs as quickly as possible.
Waitlist Registration

Registering for our waitlist is quick and easy! Click on the link below to create an account.
If you are able to enroll at either location, please register on the waitlist at each site.
You will have top priority to transfer to your preferred site.
If you are expecting a new baby please make sure to note your due date and the date you would like to start care. Once you have completed the registration you are good to go!
A director will be in contact with you!
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Social Resumes:
The following Items are needed to complete registration:
1.    Registration paperwork
2.   Signed Contract-last page of Parent Handbook

3.   Automated Payment form
4.   Social resume -based on age of each child
5.   Copy of your child's birth certificate
6.   Copy of Immunizations-within 30 days
7.   Nonrefundable registration fee-$50(single child)$70(multiple)$420(infant)
Registration Paperwork:
West Fargo
Toddler & Preschool
School Age
Parent Handbook